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A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words- Why Professional Photography is Essential to the Sale of Your Home

Thursday, August 15, 2019   /   by Ashley Lay

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words- Why Professional Photography is Essential to the Sale of Your Home

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words- Why Professional Photography is Essential to the Sale of Your Home

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words- Why Professional Photography is Essential to the Sale of Your Home

When it comes to selling a home, photos are the most essential part of the process!  A good set of pictures can mean the difference between going under contract within days or sitting on the market for months.  We at Ashley Lay and Associates want to deliver the quickest possible results for our valued clients, so we enlist the services of a professional for each listing.  Amanda Baranowski, one half of our preferred photography team, Bearski Entertainment, has agreed to join our blog today to elaborate on the benefit of this service that she provides with her husband, Daniel.


Why Your Cell Phone Photos Won’t Cut It


DSLR:  these fancy cameras are becoming more and more accessible (not to mention cell phone cameras are improving by leaps and bounds) but the majority of people walking around with a powerful digital camera packed full of the latest technology don’t know the first thing about it. Like what DSLR even stands for (digital single-lens reflex, by the way).  So my husband and I recently started our own business. We saw a need. Nowadays, people browse for their dream home on a six-inch cell phone screen. Most give each listing just a few seconds before swiping onto the next one. And, shockingly, only 15% of real estate listings feature professional photography even though buyers spend 60% of their time on a listing looking at, you guessed it, photos!


Why Your Agent Shouldn’t Take Your Photos


Here’s where we come in.  Most agents are shooting on their cell phones or with a really nice camera they simply don’t have time to learn how to use.  We take crisper photographs, controlling the exposure, depth of field and shutter speed. We use a wide-angle lens to capture as much of the room as possible in one shot.  Bracketing allows us to lighten shadows and dim harsh light to create a photos that’s perfectly exposed across the whole frame. A tripod creates a steady surface for longer exposures.  And that’s just the equipment. While an agent is focused on the house as a whole, from the moment we pull up to your home, I’m focused lighting, angles and framing. We try to control several other factors, too:  curtains, blinds, lamps and overhead lights, the angle of throw pillows and dining room chairs. I’ve even been known stand in bathtubs or climb playground equipment to get the best shot.


Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Photos


As a homeowner, it is impossible for you to be subjective (which is a good thing!).  This is your home, where you’ve made memories and I want to know what you love and what has made this house home to you.  But you will naturally want to showcase the gorgeous heirloom quilt on your bed, the DIY gallery wall your worked so hard on, and the huge sectional you bought for family movie nights, but none of those come with the house.  To you they are what makes your house a home, but we know how to frame them so they accent the house and clearly scream “home” to every single buyer out there. We objectively see what we want a buyer to see: the crown molding, the scenic view out the window, the bay window hidden behind your couch.  We tell the bigger story of your house, not just your part in it.

Why Taking Photos Isn’t Enough


Taking the photos is only half the battle, though.  Editing is where good photos are elevated to “great”.  A professional photographer means professional editing software.  There is no replacement for a good photo, but I can tweak white balance, exposure, and even remove my reflection from the bathroom mirror during editing.  Have you ever noticed how the blue sky turns white when you try to focus on a dark house? How the grass outside casts a green glow on your grey living room walls?  How your bathroom is white but always looks orange in photos? Yep. I can fix all of that.


Why Ashley Lay Real Estate Will Get Your House Sold


It’s because of all of this that Ashley Lay Real Estate hires a professional photographer for each of their listings.  They knows the stats and have seen the difference. Ashley and her team can wield a camera in a pinch, but they knows that pulling out the best for their clients means handing the camera over to someone else.  It’s this delegation, this partnership, that helps get your house more views, higher offers and in less time. We love working with ALRE because they get it.


So where does this leave you, the prospective seller?  My recommendation is to call Ashley Lay Real Estate.  They have the knowledge, the skill, and the photographer you’re looking for.  I’ll reformat my memory card, charge my camera batteries and see you soon.



About the Author:  Amanda Baranowski is a former Ashley Lay and Associates team member who started a listing photography business with her husband so she could spend more time with their one year old daughter (who is the real creative genius and loves to accompany them on shoots).  As Marketing Coordinator, Amanda learned which rooms and angles get the most hits and attract the most attention and she uses that knowledge to capture high quality photographs that tell the story of your home.



With over a decade of experience with buyers and sellers in the Triad area, and ranked as a top 1% agent in production in the Winston-Salem Association of Realtors, Ashley Lay Real Estate is your go-to source for all things real estate.

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